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Maintenance and Repair Services

With Over many years of experience in the field and well technical trained and manpower resources, we are committed to provide the following services to cater all your needs.

Crane Hoist Installation & Maintenance
Crane Hoist Installation & Maintenance
Complete compressed air service
  • Running hours interval maintenance replacement parts
  • Overhaul air end and motor
  • Metal spray rotor shaft
  • Precision machining of rotor shaft
  • Assembly of air end
Preventive maintenance services
  • Contract service
  • Routine maintenance
  • Emergency breakdown attend
  • We are committed to keep your compressed air system in full operation
Motor coil rewind
  • Motor short circuit – we provide motor rewinding services with quality coil and insulation
  • Each motor repaired and rewind accessed to onsite performance test with test report and warranty period
Compressed air piping installation & electrical wiring
  • Interconnecting piping works c/w quality valve between air compressor, receiver tank , pre-filter and after filter . individual by pass system for all the equipment in case any problem of air dryer , JKKP inspection of receiver tank and filter clogged , can open the bypass valve to allow compressed air temporary flow to your production machine while waiting for our technician to repair and replace the parts.
  • Piping loop system or ring system for the whole factory compressed air system. Looping Your Air System Reduces Air Problems .This would enable air to flow in both directions, because the air flow is distributed evenly. Therefore, the pressure loss would be minimized
  • Qualified electrician for wiring works
Rental of air compressor
  • Screw & reciprocation air compressor – monthly basis , half yearly basis or yearly basis
  • Oil free or oil flooded air compressor - monthly basis , half yearly basis or yearly basis
  • No worries on rental unit of maintenance , parts replacement , service all well take care and responsible by us
  • 24 hours standby for breakdown services
Air compressor servicing works
Chemical cleaning for receiver tank

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